Alan Ladan and I

Alan Ladan and I

Hey everyone! First off - Just wanted to say Happy New Year and welcome to the new site for THE JB CAVE. Been crafting this new page for quite some time and am so excited to finally share the new vibe with you. Been going non-stop here at my place creating with some fantastic young artists and am so excited to share what I have been up to. So take a look around. Bunch of new samples of work over in the music section. Hope you find something you like!

A few recent project I've been working on:

Tribal Theory! Local urban reggae band based out of San Diego, CA. We just wrapped production for their new EP entitled "RECLAMATION". Here is a campaign video for their recently launched Kickstarter. It was a blast for me working on a project like this. I don't usually work with many Reggae / Island groups but the chemistry was insane. We created something fresh and unique. Album drops late winter / early spring.

Another sweet project I just finished at the end of 2015 was a fantastic indie / pop band called "Rival Summers". 2 killer dudes from Michigan. You can peep their new single "STAY" now. 

So much new music to talk about but I'll save some for next time ;). Love you guys! And Thanks for the support.