Jesse Barrera is a 30 year old producer / songwriter from San Diego, CA.

“I told myself in high-school that I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than music."

"...And here I am today. After 7 years of touring and playing in the rock band My American Heart, I found a love for creating records.”

Barrera, former guitarist of the band “My American Heart” recorded 2 full length records with the band. “The Meaning In Makeup” produced by Sal Villanueva (Taking Back Sunday, Thursday) and mixed by Matt Squire – (Katy Perry, 3oh3!) and the second album “Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather”, produced by James Paul Wisner, gained plenty of success in the underground rock scene.

“Whenever we were making records, I was always that annoying kid that never left the control room. That kid who always sat behind the producer and engineers, wide-eyed. I was just fascinated with the art of recording. Lots of people don’t realize how DIFFERENT it is from playing live. Making records is a snapshot of your life in musical form. Once it’s pressed – that’s it. You will remember it forever. Where you were, how it felt. There’s something so exhilarating about that to me and I live for it now”.

Barrera continues to find ways to jump around musical genres without fear. From ROCK to R&B, ACOUSTIC to HIP HOP, INDIE to COUNTRY. He has begun to develop a sound of his own in production which lies within all styles.

“At the end of the day – I’m a music lover. Don’t care what it is. If it’s good, then it’s good.”

Barrera says. “Lot’s of people are always like– Yeah, I like everything except for country” – And I think they’re crazy! I just want to dip my hands into all of it, embrace it all. And at the end of the day – like I said – music is forever and making records is an art form of who you are creatively at that point in time. I’m glad I’ve got a few amazing records under my belt – I want to capture those moments until I can’t hear anymore.”

THE JB CAVE is a studio in San Diego, California. Presenting their artists and clients with a comfortable environment to make records and be creative. Barrera and his team have a knack for finding talent and shaping their music to be exceptional on record.

”Many artists come in the studio with a song on vocals and guitar, or piano. It’s our job to make their dream and vision a reality. What we do is not try and CHANGE an artist or group. We strive to bring out the potential in their music and help them capture their best performance.”