Mixing services

I'm proud to announce that we are officially providing mix services here at our studio, THE JB CAVE. I've been mixing records for the last 6 years but have never offered the option to the public for mix projects. I want to be involved with projects from around the world and bring your music to the next level. How it works is - You will upload your project files to a server and select which mixing package you want. Plain and simple. We use the best software and plugins in the game as well as analog hardware and analog summing to finish your mixes. All musical genres are welcome and we are confident in raising the quality of your production. Excited to work with you on YOUR project. Mixing samples are below. 

Upload your files (LINK BELOW) then purchase which package you need.


SIlver mix package $300

10 Stem Limit
Full mix
Will be completed within one week of approval
1 free revision mix


30 Stem Limit
Full mix (eq, compression, effects, automation)
Analog summing (32 Channels)
Analog compression
Will be completed within one week of approval
2 free revision mixes




Full mix (eq, compression, effects, automation)
Analog summing (32 Channels)
Analog compression
Will be completed within three days of approval
4 free revision mixes

Send all files to jessebarrera@gmail.com


All files should be 24-bit WAV or .AIFF files and at a sampling rate of 44.1khz to 192k. NO mp3s, wmv, or other non standard audio formats.

All files should be correctly labeled, such as kick in, snare top, guitar 1 and so forth. Keep the labelling scheme to as few letters as possible. Please be as specific as possible with labeling.

Pro Tools Sessions or consolidated raw audio only.

All tracks should be consolidated or rendered to the start of the session (bar 1) and should already be properly compiled.

Please do not include additional takes or playlists unless absolutely necessary.

Whenever possible, please include some sort of musical guide tracks. Depending on what is being edited, this could be a stereo bounce of all the instruments, just the drums, or some combination of instruments. Being very careful that what is being edited is not included in your musical guide.

Include Tempo/Meter information if the track is recorded to a fixed tempo(s). This can be included in your Pro Tools Sessions, or as a midi file if delivering raw audio. This information is not required if no click or fixed tempos were used.

Every song should be in it’s own session or folder. 1 song means 1 session, 10 songs means 10 sessions. Please do not combine all your songs into one master session.

All song folders should go into a single folder with either the band name, or band name and album title. Once you have confirmed that all these previous steps have been followed, please either upload uncompressed folders to dropbox or yousendit and send me a notification via email.