Q: Can you write a song with me?
A: Of course I can! Just go over to the contact section and e-mail me.

Q: Do you charge by the hour?

A: No – I charge per SONG. Go to the BOOKING section and contact me for rates.

Q: Can you help me with artwork / videos and other media for my project?
A: Yes. We have a team here that specialized in getting a record done. Top to bottom. From artwork, to simple videos, to even launching Kickstarter campaigns. We got you covered. Rates differ depending on what you want.

Q: Can you master my music?
A: Absolutely. Majority of the time we outsource to one of our closest partners. But we also do in house mastering.

Q: Can I engineer, intern? 
A: I’m always looking for an assistant engineer and young / hungry interns. To apply – email me at jessebarrera@gmail.com

Q: Can I sit in on a session?
A: Sessions are usually closed – but if you are a friend of the artists – you are more than welcome to come visit.

Q: Can you play on my album? I’m not that good at playing. 
A: This is what we do here at The JB Cave! We have a great group of studio musicians here waiting to play for you. They all have individual session rates that are very affordable.

Q: Can I stay at your place during the recording process? 
A: Yes I can accomodate you here at the studio. We have a small guest room for our artists. There is a small utility fee for your stay.

Q: Do you work with anyone? 
A: Yes – I work with anyone and everyone who is willing to try and create music! This is unless you have a bad attitude or hate Beagles.

Q: What should I bring on first day of recording? 
A: Yourself, your instruments, demos, a great mindset and lyrics. BPM’s are always great too. (tempo’s of your song)

Q: Are we allowed to drink at the studio?
A: As long as you don’t break my stuff – Yes. Be responsible.

Q: Where is the studio located?
A: The studio is located in South San Diego, CA